Does Toxaprevent MANC® bind to mycotoxins/mold?

1750 views  March 11, 2019
MANC® structure is made of what is referred to as an aluminosilica this is a mixture of silica and aluminum with a ratio of 6:1-2. According to research it has been shown in studies that Clinoptilolite using the silica part of its structure has the ability to bind to mycotoxins released by fungus from bad bacteria. These mycotoxins are used to create the environment for bacteria to spread and thrive. MANC® has the ability to bind and remove the mycotoxins, this then changes the intestinal environment making the conditions unfavorable for the bad bacteria. MANC® also has the ability to strengthen the intestinal wall which in turn supports the immune system to better deal with the infestation. (please login as a practitioner to see specific protocols)

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