How do I use the Toxaprevent products? (please login as a practitioner to see clinical considerations)

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TOXAPREVENT® MEDI PLUS Sachets Mix the contents of one sachet with 300ml of water and drink. To ensure the powder does not settle at the bottom of the glass, stir the mixture immediately before drinking. TOXAPREVENT® MEDI PURE Capsules Take 1 – 2 capsules with 200ml of water 30 minutes before each main meal. TOXAPREVENT® SKIN Powder The skin powder comes in a sprinkler for easy application and can be used on closed skin as well as open wounds once bleeding has stopped. Simply sprinkle onto closed skin and rub in several times daily. Sprinkle directly onto open wounds and cover with sterile dressing material if necessary. Wash off the skin powder before reapplying. TOXAPREVENT® SKIN The Salve can be used like a conventional skin cream up to twice a day, ideally once in the morning and once at night directly to the skin. Apply a thin layer to the affected area to absorb and remove toxic substances including histamine and reduce inflammations. TOXAPREVENT® SKIN Suspension Apply the suspension to the affected area directly from the tube. Smear the suspension into a thick layer (roughly 2mm thick) over the affected area using the spatula provided. Cover with the medical foil ( provided and leave for a maximum of 2 hours. This can be done up to twice a day, ideally once in the morning and one before going to bed.

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