How does Toxaprevent work?

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The active ingredient in Toxaprevent is called MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite). MANC® is negatively charged and works like a magnetic ‘sponge’. The negative charge it emits allows it to naturally absorbs toxic substances including histamine, ammonium and heavy metals (lead and mercury) and other bio-agenic amines.

(See fig.1) These toxins see can be absorbed inside the MANC® ‘cage’ like structure or adsorbed on to the MANC® surface area. 


MANC® Structure absorbing and adsorbing the toxin.

The particle size of MANC® is optimised (between 6-10 microns) which makes it too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The MANC® stays within the digestive tract, working to absorb toxic substances. It is then removed, with the toxic substances, from the digestive tract alongside natural bowel movements. This means your body doesn’t have to break it down and process the MANC® or any toxins MANC® has captured.

The Toxaprevent Skin range also uses MANC® as the active ingredient and is not absorbed into the body through the skin due to the large particle size of MANC®. Toxins which MANC® captures on the skin are also prevented from entering the body through the skin. Any histamine which is absorbed or created on the skin is rendered harmless, helping to prevent inflammation and reduce existing inflammations.

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