I have suffered with allergic rhinitis for many years I have recently giving up foods containing gluten.Also recently I have started taking antihistamines to get some relief and it is working I am sleeping better too. Would your products help?

168 views  June 27, 2020
Toxaprevent would bind to histamine in the intestinal tract and on the surface of the skin. The MANC particles bind directly to histamine in the body and supports the bodies natural Diamine Oxidase and HNMT to reduce histamine further. It has been shown to be effective with allergic reactions associated with Histamine. It also depends on where in the body you would like to target. The Toxaprevent Medi Acute is recommended for allergies as it contains the MANC particles which bind to histamine and also colostrum which acts as an immunomodulator to support the balancing of the immune system.

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