MANC® contains aluminium, couldn’t this poison me?

355 views  March 11, 2019
The structure of the Clinoptilolite is compromised from Silica and Aluminium is referred to as an aluminosilica and we have a 6:1-2 ratio of silica to aluminium. This structure is not broken down in the digestive tract. This was proven in an in-vitro lab test and invivo study human tests. In the invivo study Patients had there levels of aluminium checked, the MANC® aluminum content was also checked. Patients were then given Toxaprevent in its various digestive forms. The patients stool samples were collected and from analysis it showed that more aluminium was bound and excreted then what was originally within the MANC® composition. Patients aluminium levels were also checked in various forms and all patients levels were reported as undetectable after using the Toxaprevent for varying lengths of time.

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