What is in TOXAPREVENT®?

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Toxaprevent contains Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite (MANC®), which is a form of Zeolite. MANC® is negatively charged particle and works like a magnetic ‘sponge’.

(See fig.1) These toxins see can be absorbed inside the MANC® ‘cage’ like structure or adsorbed on to the MANC® surface area. 

MANC® is scientifically proven and patented to bind to environmental toxins which we intake daily such as histamine, heavy metals (lead and mercury), ammonium and other biogenic amines, all of which can have long term effects on our health and have strong links to a variety of conditions. The toxins are absorbed inside the ‘cage’ like structure of MANC® or adsorbed on the surface of MANC®.

By removing these substances, Toxaprevent helps to strengthen the intestinal barrier and relieve the liver and kidneys of their toxic burden, thereby helping to return our health to its optimum level and maintain it. The particle size of MANC® is optimised (between 6-10 microns) which makes it too large to be absorbed through the intestinal barrier. MANC® therefore stays within the digestive tract, working to bind toxic substances. It passes through the digestive tract and is then removed from the body alongside natural bowel movements with any toxic substances it has bound to. This means your body doesn’t have to break down and process MANC® or any toxic substances MANC® has captured.

In addition, the skin can also benefit. Binding and removing these toxic substances from the digestive tract improves the absorption
of minerals and vital substances, supporting the body’s daily internal cleansing, which can aid in maintaining healthy skin.

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