Which Toxaprevent® product is right for me?

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Each of the products in the Toxaprevent® range have been carefully designed to target specific areas of the digestive tract and specific conditions of the skin.


The MEDI PLUS sachets are targeted towards the mouth, esophagus and stomach (upper gi) and has the ability to strengthen the intestinal barrier whilst supporting the liver and kidneys. The liver is most active during the night, so one sachet of TOXAPREVENT® MEDI PLUS taken before bed with 300ml of water is ideal to relieve the liver before it starts working hardest. One sachet in the morning can also be taken to boost the detoxifying effects of Toxaprevent/ MANC® through-out the day.


The MEDI PURE capsules are enteric coated and are not interfered by stomach acid. This allows the capsules to by-pass the stomach and work directly in the intestines and colon (lower gi).

1-2 TOXAPREVENT® MEDI PURE capsules should be taken with 300ml of water up to 30 minutes before each main meal to eliminate toxins, including histamine, contained in food and those already in the intestines such as ammonium which can be a contributing factor towards high levels of acid and intestinal permeability. The capsules were recently shown in a double blind, randomized, placebo controlled study to help reduce inflammatory mediators such as histamine and helped reduce zonulin levels (a marker of ‘leaky gut’).


The SKIN Powder is suitable to be used several (3- 4) times a day. The Powder should be applied immediately after being bitten/stung by insects to help prevent the histamine reaction which usually follows, and on small open wounds once they have stopped bleeding. The skin powder works to bind to toxins which can prohibit primary homeostasis in wounds.

Firstly the MANC® removes these toxins, then using ion exchange the MANC® displaces calcium which it is pre-loaded with into the wounds which triggers primary homeostasis and allows the wound to heal successfully.


The Skin Salve can be used up to twice a day. Apply once in the morning, and one at night, before going to bed, to absorb and remove histamine and toxic substances from the skin, which can cause inflammation on the skin. The MANC® binds to the toxic substances and deposits in the pre-loaded minerals to help the skin heal and repair. It also promotes wound healing and has a calming effect on sensitive skin and moisturises chapped skin.

TOXAPREVENT® SKIN Suspension (120ml)

The Suspension can be used up to twice a day and for a maximum of 2 hours per application. The suspension contains colloidal water (water with medicated oxygen), this opens up the pours of the skin and allow the suspension to bind to toxins at a cutaneous level. It can be used for severe inflamed and irritated skin. Apply once in the morning, and one at night, before going to bed, to absorb and remove histamine and toxic substances on and beneath the skin surface.

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