Why should I take/use Toxaprevent?

2354 views  March 11, 2019

The Toxaprevent products contain Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite (MANC®) a form of Zeolite which is scientifically proven and patented to bind to environmental toxins which we intake daily such as histamine, heavy metals (lead and mercury) and ammonium, all of which have long term effects on our health with strong links to a variety of health conditions.

By removing these substances, Toxaprevent helps to strengthen the intestinal barrier and relieve the liver and kidneys of the toxic burden, thereby helping to maintain and return our health to its optimum level.

In addition, the skin can also benefit. Absorbing and removing these toxic substances from the digestive tract, improves the absorption of minerals and vital substances, supporting the body’s daily internal cleansing, which can aid in the prevention of intestinal and skin problems.

Please see table below for what MANC® binds and removes from the body:

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