Will Toxaprevent bind to my nutrients?

1176 views  March 11, 2019
Toxaprevent is completely different from any zeolite on the market. The clinoptilolite is put through a special patented process heated activation process which cleans out and removes any toxins maximising its binding capacity within the digestive tract. Toxaprevent has been put through invivo and invitro trial. One such trial was to show the binding capacity of MANC® please see table below (insert binding capacity table). Toxaprevent is not a VMS but a Medical Device with a patent to bind to heavy metals and toxins within the digestive tract and surface of the skin. To further prove its safety MANC® was put through animal and human tests to show the influence of MANC® with micronutrients within the body. In all the tests there was no difference in patient’s mineral levels after taking a minimum of 2 grams of Clinoptilolite per day for a prolonged period of time. MANC® and Toxaprevent can be taken alongside food, and other supplements and minerals. It does not have an affinity for these minerals firstly because the particle size is optimised that it is small enough not to be able to bind to large nutrients. Also because of ion exchange, if the MANC® binds to a mineral for example Zinc it will displace this with other toxins such as Mercury as it has a higher affinity for the Mercury due to one the atomic mass of Mercury being higher and secondly because Mercury has a higher number of protons/electrons (80) compared to Zinc (30). Therefore the MANC® will bind to the toxin which it has a higher affinity for.

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