• Why should I take/use Toxaprevent?

    The Toxaprevent products contain Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite (MANC®) a form of Zeolite which is scientifically proven and patented to bind to environmental toxins which we intake daily such as histamine, heavy metals (lead and mercury) an...
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  • Which Toxaprevent® product is right for me?

    Each of the products in the Toxaprevent® range have been carefully designed to target specific areas of the digestive tract and specific conditions of the skin.


    The MEDI PLUS sachets ...
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  • How do I use the Toxaprevent products? (please login as a practitioner to see clinical considerations)


    Mix the contents of one sachet with 300ml of water and drink. To ensure the powder does not settle at the bottom of the glass, stir the mixture immediately before drinking.

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  • Will Toxaprevent have any side-effects?

    Toxaprevent has no direct side effects as it is not absorbed by the body and does not react with the body. It simply works autonomously, binding to the toxins in the digestive tract to be then passed out via natural bowel movement. (Please see absorpti...
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  • Will Toxaprevent make me constipated?

    The Toxaprevent digestive range uses water to help it travel through the digestive tract. Toxaprevent will not make you constipated as long as you have it with at least the amount of water recommended (300ml for each sachet and 200ml for 1-2 capsules). If...
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  • How will I know that Toxaprevent is working?

    There are many ways to know whether or not Toxaprevent is working because it has a wide range of applications due to the way it works and the benefits can vary from one person to another. Toxaprevent can benefit in a variety of ways such as binding to tox...
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  • Will Toxaprevent interact with other medication?

    Please leave two hours between taking medications and the Toxaprevent Digestive range. According to current medical knowledge, the absorption of pharmaceutical agents can be considered complete. After applying medicated creams, salves, etc., wait at l...
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  • How long should I take Toxaprevent?

    Toxaprevent is designed for daily use and can be taken continuously as directed. However for product specific protocols please speak with your health care practitioner. (please login as a practitioner to see product specific protocols)
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  • How long should I take Toxaprevent for a heavy metal cleanse?

    The cleansing of heavy metals from our bodies is an on-going process as we are continuously exposed to metals and pollutants on any given day. To detoxify the environmental pollutants successful we suggest combing both the Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets wi...
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  • How should I use Toxaprevent for intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut)?

    Research has shown sufferers should take 3 x Toxaprevent Medi Acute capsules when they first wake up around 1-2 hours away from food. They should then repeat this at night time before bed around 1-2 hours away from food.

    The MANC® in the Medi A...
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  • Should I take the Toxaprevent sachets or the capsules?

    Deciding whether to use the capsules or the sachets depends on which area of the digestive tract you wish to target.

    The Medi PLUS sachets are specifically targeted for the mouth, throat and stomach because they start working s...
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  • Can I continue taking anti-histamines as well as Toxaprevent?

    Yes you can, as long you leave at least two hours between taking the anti-histamines and the Toxaprevent digestive range. The two can work together as Toxaprevent will absorb and eliminate histamine in the digestive tract, while the anti-histamines will c...
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  • What is the difference between the Toxaprevent Medi Pure Capsules and Medi Acute Capsules?

    The Medi Pure Capsules contain nothing but the pure MANC® ingredients whereas the Medi Acute Capsules contain a mixture of MANC® and Colostrum.
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  • Does Toxaprevent interfere with supplements?

    No, Toxaprevent does not interfere with other supplements and there ability, as the MANC® has no affinity towards the supplements. If you are worried about this however, then please feel free to leave two hours sin between taking your supplements and Toxa...
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  • Can children use Toxaprevent?

    There have been no studies been done from children under the ages of 12 years old using Toxaprevent as of yet.
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  • How does Toxaprevent work?

    The active ingredient in Toxaprevent is called MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite). MANC® is negatively charged and works like a magnetic ‘sponge’. The negative charge it emits allows it to naturally absorbs toxic substances including...
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  • Does Toxaprevent MANC® bind to mycotoxins/mold?

    MANC® structure is made of what is referred to as an aluminosilica this is a mixture of silica and aluminum with a ratio of 6:1-2. According to research it has been shown in studies that Clinoptilolite using the silica part of its structure has the abilit...
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  • What is the capsule material used for the Toxaprevent Medi Pure and Medi Acute?

    The Toxaprevent Medi Pure and Medi Acute capsule material is made from Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) and gellan gum. HPMC is a coating agent and film-former used as an inactive ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry. It has also been used as a r...
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  • Can I take Toxaprevent if I am pregnant?

    Due to lack of sufficient studies on pregnant mothers, we do not advise patients who are pregnant to take the Toxaprevent digestive range.
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  • Will Toxaprevent bind to my nutrients?

    Toxaprevent is completely different from any zeolite on the market. The clinoptilolite is put through a special patented process heated activation process which cleans out and removes any toxins maximising its binding capacity within the digestive tract. ...
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  • Does Toxaprevent lead to increased flatulence?

    Toxaprevent will not directly cause flatulence. However, as it repairs and strengthens the intestinal barrier the gut flori it will begin to flourish. This allows the good bacteria and nutrients to be absorbed. Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide come fr...
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  • I note that you should not take Toxaprevent alongside medications (2 hour window required). How about taking Toxaprevent alongside supplements, such as probiotics or herbs etc?

    Toxaprevent can be taken alongside herbs and supplements as no test has shown interference with a clients mineral, or nutrients. If you are worried, you can leave a similar 2 hour window. We have a report showing this, if you are registered as a practitio...
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