Toxaprevent at a glance

  • Contains the clean, safe and medical grade Zeolite Clinoptilolite (MANC®)

  • All Toxaprevent products are registered as medical devices and have their own specific functions in the body

  • Clinically proven to remove specific pollutants and irritants to reduce inflammation

  • Clinically proven to not be broken down and absorbed by the body and therefore has no known side effects

What is MANC® in Toxaprevent?

All Toxaprevent products contain MANC® (Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite). The cleanest, scientifically backed and most of all safest Zeolite Clinoptilolite on the market.

In vitro and in vivo studies on MANC® have proven its efficacy in gently removing irritants and pollutants which are at the centre of inflammation in our bodies and skin. The MANC® is not metabolised and broken down in the body. MANC® simply absorbs and adsorbs known irritants and pollutants into its structure and simply passes out safely via natural bowel movement.

MANC® at a glance

  • MANC® is not metabolised by the body therefore has no known side effects

  • Clinically proven to strengthen the intestinal wall barrier through the binding and removal of toxins known to cause inflammation

  • Does not enter the liver or kidneys to be detoxified, simply absorbs the toxins in the digestive tract and passes safely out via natural bowel movement

  • MANC® acts like a ‘sieve’ by selectively binding to the toxins and does not remove the bodies natural minerals or nutrients.

How does MANC® in Toxaprevent work?

  • The Zeolite Clinoptilolite MANC® is naturally enriched with minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium

  • MANC® acts like a sieve selectively binding to toxins such as mercury, lead and histamine

  • As it binds to the toxins it releases the minerals into the body (ion exchange)

  • Once the toxins have been bound by the Zeolite Clinoptilolite it safely removes them from the body via natural bowel movement

Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets at a glance

Target Stomach

Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets contains MANC® as a powder which is targeted towards the Upper GI (mouth, oesophagus and stomach).

  • Targeted towards Upper GI (mouth, oesophagus and stomach)

  • Removes environmental pollutants: heavy metals, ammonium and histamine linked to inflammation

  • Reduces inflammation and irritation of the Upper GI tract

  • Strengthens the intestinal barrier

  • Heartburn (recurring)

How Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets work

The sachets regenerate the intestinal mucosa and supports intestinal health by removing environmental pollutants and irritants which are linked to inflammation. Targeting the Upper GI the MANC® absorbs and removes toxins which are linked and attribute to specific common conditions such as reflux disease. Once these toxins have been absorbed they are safely passed out via natural bowel movement..

Target Intestines

Toxaprevent Medi Pure Capsules contain pure MANC® in capsule form. The capsule is enteric coated, by-passing the stomach, targeting the Lower GI (Intestines and colon).

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Toxaprevent Medi PURE Capsules at a glance

Target Allergies

Toxaprevent Medi Acute Capsules contain MANC® mixed with Colostrum. The Medi Acute capsules work in the Lower GI (Intestines and colon) targeting allergies associated with leaky gut.

  • Targeted towards allergies associated with leaky gut

  • Removes irritants and pollutants linked with inflammation in the intestinal tract

  • Strengthens a weakened immune system

  • Regenerates intestinal mucosa to reduce histamine related symptoms

Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules contain MANC® mixed with Colostrum. The Medi Acute capsules target allergies associated with leaky gut and an overactive immune system.

Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules contribute to the stabilisation of the intestinal mucosa, strengthening the basis for a healthy intestinal flora and creating a favourable environment for good bacteria to colonise. The high quality colostrum (bovine, decaseinated) in the acute capsules is a valuable ingredient to the mucous membrane in the intestinal tract, acting as a natural prebiotic whilst also supporting the body’s digestive enzymes. This, in turn, supports the body’s immune system and helps to bring it back into balance.

The product is especially recommended for allergy sufferers and people with leaky gut syndrome. Colostrum contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

In studies, clinoptilolite has been shown to strengthen the intestinal barrier and support with intestinal permeability by binding and removing inflammatory mediators.