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Heavy Metal Detox & Protocol | Natural Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy Metal Detox & Protocol | Natural Heavy Metal Detox

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This health pack contains a 90-day supply of the Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets and Toxaprevent Medi Pure capsules, which:
  • Detoxes heavy metals, including mercury, lead and aluminium, from the body
  • Natural, vegan and no additives
  • 90 day supply = (90 Sachets and 540 Capsules i.e. 1 x Sachet per day and 6 capsules per day)
  • The sachets and capsules work together to detox the body of heavy metals.
  • The Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets detoxes the upper digestive tract (mouth, oesophagus and stomach)
  • The Toxaprevent Medi Pure Capsules detox the lower digestive tract (intestines and colon)
  • Pure, safe and natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite MANC particles with no additives

You will receive the following:

3 x Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets
3 x Toxaprevent Medi Pure Capsules


Each Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachet contains 2400mg of MANC® particles (Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite) blended with 420mg calcium carbonate and 180mg magnesium carbonate.

Each capsule contains 400mg of MANC® (Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite), Capsule shell: Cellulose and Gellan Gum.

Directions for use

Take 2 x Toxaprevent Medi Pure capsules 30 minutes before a meal up to 3 times daily with 200ml water.

Mix 1 x Toxaprevent Medi Plus sachet with 300ml of water and drink 2 hours after your evening meal.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. 

How Toxaprevent works to detox heavy metals from the body

Heavy metals have been proven to be a significant threat, and several health risks are associated with them. The toxic effects of these metals are harmful to the human body and its functioning. Toxaprevent contains Zeolite Clinoptilolite MANC particles, which bind to and detox heavy metals from your body.

Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets target the upper digestive tract, mouth, oesophagus and stomach. It binds and detoxes the heavy metals as we sleep. Our bodies naturally detox and put toxins such as heavy metals into circulation as we sleep, which are meant to be removed when we pass stool and urine. However, these toxins can be reabsorbed by the digestive tract, returning them to circulation. Taking the Toxaprevent Medi Plus sachets at night ensures that these heavy metals are bound by the MANC particles, which then detox and relieve the symptoms associated with heavy metal toxin accumulation.

Toxaprevent Medi Pure Capsules target the lower digestive tract, intestines and colon. The capsules detox the heavy metals that are released by the pancreas. The pancreas, alongside the liver, produces bile, which aids in digestion. The bile contains heavy metals, normally reabsorbed by the intestines and colon. However, the Toxaprevent Medi Pure Capsules bind and detox the heavy metals that are put into circulation and remove them safely from the body when we pass our natural bowel movement.

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