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Healing Histamine is a journey, but it's a journey which we've made simple and accessible. We've spent more than a decade researching, understanding and reversing histamine symptoms.

It's time to heal correctly and, reverse your histamine symptoms.

Dilly & The NH Team a.k.a The Histamine Experts

Why we created Toxaprevent

We started our journey because we wondered why it was called histamine intolerance. We kept thinking, how can you be intolerant to something your body naturally produces? It doesn't make sense right?

So we researched and we realised that it wasn't that we were intolerant to histamine, it was the we had too much histamine in our body which was triggering histamine symptoms. We realised that the root cause of histamine intolerance or should we correctly call it a Histamine Overload is caused by an overreactive immune system.

So, we focused on binders. Binders were being pushed a solution for detoxing. However, there was a problem, they had no safety data and did not prove what they absorbed or detoxed from the body!

This is where we introduced Toxaprevent.

Toxaprevent is the safest, cleanest and most natural form of Zeolite Clinoptilolite (pronounced 'Clin-op-til-o-lite').

Toxaprevent is proven to mop up and detox

  • Histamine
  • Heavy metals
  • Aluminium
  • Mould, mycotoxins, aflatoxins and ochratoxins (A & B)
  • Nitrosamines
  • Dimethylamine
  • Tyramine
  • And other toxins, pollutants and irritants from the body which cause your histamine symptoms (Yep, it's a long list!).

Unlike other Zeolites Toxaprevent is proven and has shown that once it mops up the toxins it removes them from the body via your stool. The particle size is optimised (between 6-10 microns) to stay in the gut, meaning it will not cross the bloodstream or enter the liver or kidneys to be processed. This means once Toxaprevent has safely mopped up the toxins it leaves the body via your stool.

Dilly's Histamine Journey

It all started with hay fever. Next thing you know I'm itching like crazy and being told I have Urticaria (Hives). It's now been over a decade, and I am histamine symptom free; eat and drink what I like and now share how to reverse histamine symptoms!

My Histamine Journey, Continue...

2015, I started to break out in a rash. My skin was constantly on fire, with simple activities causing extreme pain and itching. Bedtime offered a little reprieve, with my sleep being interrupted throughout the night due to my constant drive to itch. Cold showers helped to soothe the inflamed skin, but it didn’t last long.

Soon enough, I found myself at the doctor’s office begging my GP for answers about what was happening to my body. He told me I had urticaria and prescribed over-the-counter antihistamines to treat my rash. Unfortunately, it didn’t help; the antihistamines made me sluggish and tired throughout the day. A back and forth to my GP’s office ensued over the next several years. I tried ointments, lotions, and medications, but some just made the itching worse because my skin would react to the ingredients. I would have some good days, but the good days started to become less and less frequent.

I was lost. A friend suggested I try a low histamine diet, which helped when I stuck to it, but honestly, food was my vice back then; a significant source of comfort that I turned to in frustration, and I quickly began to feel isolated and overwhelmed by my dietary restrictions.

Fast forward to 2016, when I met with Dr Lars Von Olleschick-Elbheim, the global partner for Froximun AG behind the Toxaprevent products. As a fledgling entrepreneur specialising in distribution and logistics, I intended to attend this meeting to discuss ground support. But, little did I know, this would be the beginning of a radical transformation of my health.

As we began speaking, Lars quickly pulled us into the world of Toxaprevent zeolite clinoptilolite, discussing its unique ability to not only bind to histamine, heavy metals, and ammonium but remove them safely through the digestive tract without interfering with other supplements and medications; and without any side effects like the usual antihistamine or steroid creams I was used to.

Lars had barely finished his sentence before I questioned him about urticaria. I figured if this Toxaprevent thing worked on histamine, it might help my skin – I was right. He looked at me in his thick German accent and said: ‘Urticaria, it is not possible when you take Toxaprevent’.

Honestly, I was sceptical. At this point, I had tried everything my GP, dermatologist, and Dr Google had prescribed, and not once was Toxaprevent mentioned. But I was desperate, so I decided to try his six-month protocol. The rest, as they say, is history. Despite being seven stone overweight, with a penchant for cheese and coffee, my urticaria was gone within two months of the Toxaprevent protocol. Like, completely GONE. My hay fever symptoms reduced, dust mites no longer affected me, and I rarely had asthma attacks. This stuff was gooooood.

From that point, Toxaprevent went from an exclusive deal to a passion project. Nowadays, I spend most of my time raising awareness on histamine and zeolite clinoptilolite to help others who’ve suffered from the same issues as myself.

We’ve since expanded, now with an in-house clinical team who share even more about the broad benefits of Toxaprevent, from eliminating bloating and Helicobacter pylori to controlling bad breath and even detoxing heavy metals. So please, if you’re on your histamine journey, or struggle with any of the conditions discussed, don’t suffer in silence. Pick up the phone or email us, and we’ll gladly listen to your concerns. I hope that you, too, can find the relief that I have.

Dilkiran 'Dilly' Kular
Founder & Histamine Expert